Mahallae (www.mahallae.org) is a digital neighbourhood for civic engagement developed by Cypriot civil society and innovators from the Euro-Mediterranean region. Mahallae is designed to help you effect social change using the smart technologies in our daily lives.

As global citizens, we can all think about ways of improving our communities and today technology offers us new ways to do so. On Mahallae you can find inspiration, partnerships, and support to help make your community a better place.

The platform is structured around three digital spaces:

Collaborate! – a social innovation space which provides opportunities for innovators across the region to receive funding and support for their ideas, create new partnerships and share knowledge and resources.

Civic Mapping – a collection of data visualisation tools which help showcase the contribution of Cypriot civil society to civic engagement and peace-building from the early 90’s until today.

Interactive Tools – a digital store featuring a variety of tools that use innovative approaches for social change including games, maps, and video toolkits.

And just in case you’ve been wondering: Mahallae is a special word. Mahalla (Greek) and Mahalle (Turkish) both mean neighbourhood. It also has similar meanings in many other languages in the Euro-Mediterranean region including Arabic, Urdu and Bulgarian.